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Hello, world!


My name is Jakub Wasilewski, this is my blog, you are a reader, and I bid you welcome using the time-honored greeting all programmers use when they can’t think of anything better to say. So, without further ado: hello, world!

I have two big passions: programming and game design. As is usually the case with passions, I hold some equally passionate opinions on those matters, and I hope this blog will become the vehicle I will use to share those opinions with you and get your opinions on the same matters in turn. Some people might call it dialogue.

Since I believe in pursuing one’s passions actively, I will also use this site to share the games and other outcomes of my pursuits - at least those outcomes that happen to be downloadable over optical fiber.

Please do enjoy your stay here - with time, I hope to make this place full of interesting writing on topics we are both interested in.