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Compact Conflict updated!


An updated, better version of Compact Conflict is up! Play it now! This version features many improvements over the original JS13k version, but still clocks in under 13kB when minified and gzipped.

Compact Conflict is up!


You can check out my new game in the goodies section of the site. Enjoy!

Competent AIs in a few bytes


This year I decided to try my hand at JS13k. Being the ambitious chap I am, I picked a genre that might not be the easiest one to fit in one month of free time and 13kB of JS: a strategy game. One of the most important things in a single-player game of this genre is the AI. If the AI is bad, there won’t be any challenge, and if there is no challenge, the gameplay will fall flat on its face as a result. This post is the story of my arduous journey towards getting it right.